Founded by Christopher Taylor and Tim Hare, TaylorHare Architects is currently a team of architects and designers spread across three studios, one in rural Kent, another in the heart of Bristol and a satellite office in Aarhus, Denmark.

Calleywell Lane

Before and After

Picture yourself walking the grounds of a grand country home in the late 1700s, accompanied by the great English landscape designer Humphry Repton. Humphry Repton’s approach to design was...

Great Bossingham Farm

House with an Orchard

Manor Farm

Humble Beginnings

TaylorHare’s wealth of experience in Class Q applications finds itself in the very origin of the practice’s first office building. We see potential and opportunity in the crudest of...

The Pigshed

COVID-19 Update

The health and safety of our staff, clients and collaborators is our most important responsibility. In light of the present COVID-19 outbreak, we are adopting several new processes in...

Atlantic Flyers

Ramsgate Regeneration – A Vision for the Future of the Port & Harbour

THA have been heavily involved in the regeneration of Ramsgate Port and Harbour for the last four years, developing different ideas for its potential future re-development with a series...

House In A Clearing

City as a Stage – A Feasibility Study for a new type of community led residential development on the periphery of the American ‘music city’ of Nashville, Tennessee

After seeing a truly amazing performance, usually all we can remember is a feeling: a sentiment of awe ingrained into our minds that lasts much longer than our visual...

House in a Clearing – Work Commences on Site

Our new build replacement dwelling set within a clearing, surrounded by mature woodland on the hinterland of Uckfield, East Sussex has commenced on site. Defined by its hierarchy of...