Three Tiered House Consent

We are delighted to receive planning consent from Maidstone Borough Council for a new build house for a couple looking to downsize in scale but upgrade in quality of life.

Designed as a series of connecting volumes, three tiered house’s arrangement of spaces, both internally and externally, encourages interaction to take place within and between its built form.
The principle house consists of two wings, one for living, the other for sleeping, each one connected by a space for siting or moving through.

In its materiality, gestures are modest and reference the buildings that previously occupied this site, albeit with a renewed sense of articulation in their use of brick and corrugated metal. Rugged textures and dulcet tones have been chosen to compliment their landscape setting, allowing the building to sit in harmony with its landscape.

Externally a series of courtyards, one large (and on show), the other small (and more intimate), create spaces to gather or pause, which when combined with more wild gardens on the outer periphery, allow for a rich variant of scale and type of landscape space.

The project builds on the remnants of the buildings that say here before it, a pair of existing agricultural buildings, and in its redevelopment seeks to re-build and re-purpose the site to create a home that is grounded in its locale and of its time.

Project to follow soon on the website.