Ramsgate Regeneration – A Vision for the Future of the Port & Harbour

THA have been heavily involved in the regeneration of Ramsgate Port and Harbour for the last four years, developing different ideas for its potential future re-development with a series of stakeholders and investment groups.

The existing physical assets of Ramsgate offer a pedestal for future development. Unlike its two Thanet siblings Margate & Broadstairs, Ramsgate’s southerly aspect is an environmental advantage for its beaches and harbour receiving greater exposure throughout the day whilst being more sheltered from northerly winter winds. Ramsgate also has a rich stock of historic buildings, many of which are conservation assets for the future. The HS1 high speed railway connection to London is an appealing opportunity for both residents and visitors.

Ahead of any improvements to Ramsgate Yacht Marina and Commercial Port a high level feasibility study was commissioned by Thanet District Council and produced by WSP back in January 2020. A copy of the full report can be found here.

In conversation with The Ramsgate Regeneration Alliance, we believe that the exciting renewable industries such as the London Array could become a catalyst for the ports future development. This directly relates to the Government’s Post-Brexit industrial strategy, creating a ‘ Green Hub’ with an Institute of Renewable Technology at its heart, up-skilling the workforce into highly skilled, highly paid jobs that can offer lasting change for the people of Ramsgate and Thanet. 

The Ramsgate commercial port has become an increasing financial burden, currently estimated at over £20m. It is clear that urgent rethinking of the commercial port is required to establish opportunities for and gather interest in alternative objectives.

Our vision and masterplan illustrated below and expanded further here speculates upon a socially rich and economically resilient environment for the regeneration of Ramsgate’s commercial port. It begins to mesh new transport connections, with a new Green technology hub and mixed used development of homes and businesses, public buildings and event infrastructure, whilst working alongside existing historical physical assets.

Our proposals call on the physical assets, history, seaside context and renewable energy industries to tackle the Port and Harbour, revealing a vision for a truly sustainable masterplan, one that is forward thinking, cementing Ramsgate as a port town with an exciting future!

Ramsgate has an incredible opportunity to become a real destination town for East Kent, which is firmly routed in future economic growth. As a practice regeneration projects such as this are something which excites us. Our studio in Denmark, which we share with a talented Danish practice Rumgehor Architects, lies in the heart of the coastal city of Aarhus, which has recently undergone its own redevelopment and transformation of its waterfront and commercial port. This inspiration of what might be possible in Ramsgate, combined with wider political events and impacts of Brexit in 2016 promoted THA to really start to think about what could the long term future look like.