Re-Imagining Ramsgate.

by TaylorHare Architects

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Invest in a Unique Opportunity for Ramsgate

Ramsgate’s port has the opportunity to be re-imagined and re-purposed, becoming a thriving and vital southern champion for innovation and education within the field of renewable technology, creating a long term future for the town.

To achieve this truly sustainable long term vision, a much bigger conversation needs to be had, one that we believe needs to be driven by the following key principles:

  1. Creation of a new vision and masterplan for Ramsgate's commercial port
  2. A sustainable regeneration project focusing on the renewable energy sector that will up skill the local population and drive economic growth
  3. Through stakeholder, community engagement and an experienced professional consortium we will develop a tangible vision for Ramsgate
  4. £60,000 will enable the consortium to develop and deliver a strategic vision to be presented to the local community by the autumn of 2022
  5. As a consortium we hope that local businesses and communities will support our endeavours to create positive change and a long lasting legacy