Atlantic Flyers

Logo and Brand Development for Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge competitors The Atlantic Flyers, which evolved into a full graphic design exercise for their boat and clothing for the gruelling 3000 mile Atlantic Crossing.

It’s not often were asked to work outside the realms of architecture, although some opportunities are too good to pass up.

When we were invited by @atlanticflyers if we would help design their team logo as part of their attempt to take on the @talisker_whisky@atlanticcampaigns Atlantic Challenge, we jumped at the chance.

Dubed the ‘World’s toughest row’, the challenge encompasses a distance of more than 3000 Miles from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain (28oN 18oW) to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda (17oN 61oW).

The Atlantic Flyers are a team of 4 RAF Pilots united by much more than the wings on their chests and a shared experience of frontline combat. All are fiercely competitive and have a history of success as endurance athletes. This challenge will test their leadership, teamwork, guts and stamina in an event like no other, with the focus and highlight being to raise money for their chosen charity @starlightchildrensfoundation@starlight_uk

The logo has been designed to illustrate a subtle nod to the team’s Royal Air Force background, whilst combining the characteristics of this unique challenge that they are set to embark upon. Made up of a parts list of RAF wings; bow of a long ship and roundel, it’s explicit reference and striking simplicity is designed to enable clarity and legibility from afar. Delivered in a manipulable, scale-less, vector format – this ensures quality in physical and digital applications through the team’s various platforms.

A careful refined color palette builds upon the heritage of the RAF and informs a holistic approach to aesthetic consistency. This in turn, leads to a total work of art approach, further extending to encompass the boat design, clothing and whole brand ethos. The body colour of the boat is orange – complimentary to the blue of the sea, the team roundel and the Talisker Whisky branding. The bright orange also distinguishes the boat against competitors (typically coloured white) upon departure and arrival along with identification mid-crossing. Reflective chrome vinyl wrap keeps boat cabins cool for sleep quality; where graphic design meets technical application.

We are excited to continue to work closely with the Atlantic Flyers and the rest of the wider team as they build up to the race towards the end of 2021.

Project Team: Christopher Taylor, Charlie Hope

Type:Product Design Client:Atlantic Flyers Location:La Gomera, Canary Islands - to - Antigua Size:R45 Ocean Rowing Boat Budget:Confidential Status:Design Development