BD Small Hotel Room

A successful hotel room is not just a physical environment, but it’s also the emotive experience that makes it work. These rooms should have an atmosphere that warrants wanting to stay there, but also a flexibility to be different in different locations.

Our competition winning entry for BD Magazine & Citizen M Hotels ‘Small Budget Hotel Room’, seeks to tackle the insignificance of the small hotel room; enabling occupants to make their own place from a space, through invention and intervention.

To achieve this, we proposed the same basic layout for all guests: an ensemble of autonomous objects (furniture, fixtures and fittings), whose arrangement and orientation is dictated by their function and program.

Conceived as a prefabricated entity, the room is manufactured and assembled off site. The raw wood elements of the orientated strand board that define the walls and ceiling remain visible and are painted grey to heighten their textural quality.

The room is assembled from a kit of parts. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all designed for a particular purpose, each one exploited to maximise the overall human experience. Each space and series of spaces reveals themselves through a simple flowing divisional system.

Folded into the walls on opposing sides of the room is a pair of curtains. These curtains are the intervention, an opportunity for guests to make their own place within the room. When drawn, the curtains run around the room in tracks recessed in the ceiling, enabling a multitude of large, medium and small places to be defined; each one offering more or less privacy. Floor to ceiling in length, these curtains are graceful as well as opulent, whilst at the same time encouraging a sense of movement and play.

Project Team: Christopher Taylor, Tim Hare, Harry Molyneux

Type:Competition Client:Citizen M Hotel & Building Design Magazine Location:Undisclosed Size:14 sqm Budget:Undisclosed Status:Winner