Ramsgate Harbour

Establishing a legacy for the regeneration of a waterfront site in the heart of the seaside town of Ramsgate within a masterplan for its future growth.

TaylorHare have been involved with the regeneration of Ramsgate Port & Harbour site for the last three years, developing different ideas for its future re-development.The Port at Ramsgate has been making significant financial losses over the past decade estimated at over £20m. Furthermore, the problem appears to be worsening with increased losses in recent years, now also including the harbour.

As a practice, we undertook a self intimated and self funded feasibility study into understanding what the future could become if those connected to the harbour and the wider town extended a vision beyond its immediate use.

Our initial feasibility study looks at establishing a legacy for the town and greater south-east district, rather than a short term solution, one that builds upon the rich pool of established and emerging renewable energy technologies. We believe with some joined up thinking these new industries could be the future.

Central to this vision is harnessing the renewable energy industries with a technical education institute at the heart
of any future re-development. Student numbers entering the engineering sector are declining, whilst the renewable energy industry is growing exponentially as technologies become
more affordable to produce and deploy. The skills gap between education and renewable energies needs bridging; THA’s concept proposal initiated here is just one solution to bridge the renewable energy skill gap through a vocational, on-site technical campus.

Attached to the renewable energy sector and technical institute would be secondary service providers, generating employment. In addition, the provision of shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment to service an influx of students, workers and visitors would also generate employment opportunities for local people.

Project Team: Tim Hare, Christopher Taylor, Karl Bowers, Charlie Hope

Type:Regeneration Client:Undisclosed Location:Ramsgate Size:33 acres Budget:Confidential Status:RIBA Stage 1 - Feasibility