RIBA Shanghai Windows

TaylorHare’s installation, in collaboration with design studio I-N-D-J, is conceived as an ethereal river of light that seemingly floats, flows and falls from the upper windows of the Fountain restaurant at Xintiandi, Shanghai.

Completed in collaboration with Atelier I-N-D-J for the RIBA 2016 Shanghai Windows, we joined forces to create an ephemeral installation for the popular Fountain restaurant at Xintiandi, Shanghai.

Set within the bustling lifestyle district of Shanghai’s Xintiandi, our installation for the RIBA’s ‘Shanghai Windows’ is a dramatic public centrepiece designed to re-connect the public space with its immediate surroundings. Receiving over 1million visitors each month, Xintiandi is a pedestrian thoroughfare lined with bars, restaurants, shops and cafes that is both a destination and a distraction.

The site is located at the heart of Xintaindi, yet just off the beating pulse at the rear of a courtyard, where most passers by do just that: pass by. The aim was to re-energise this particular area of the courtyard and with it bring a renewed focus, enlivening the
Fountain restaurant with a striking installation that would disrupt the usual thoroughfare and draw visitors to this part of the complex.

Delicate ethereal strands spill from the restaurant’s upper storey towards ‘Fountains’ namesake, set within the courtyard below. 30,000 metres of translucent cord refract and reflect light, giving a shimmering impression of water cascading across the building’s face.

This simple yet bold installation playfully changes appearance as caught light, both natural and artificial, refracts and reflects across and through it, creating a veil-like curtain to an otherwise tired and dated facade.

Photography courtesy of Seth Powers and Liam Clarke.

Project Team: Christopher Taylor, Ian Douglas-Jones

Type:Arts Client:Fountain Restaurant/ Xintiandi Location:Shanghai, China Size:Undisclosed Budget:Less than £5000 Status:Built