Secret Sunflowers

Hidden behind the door of a seemingly unassuming portaloo lies a mysterious covertly curated field of sunflowers, the UK’s largest natural art installation at a UK music festival.

This project was conceived as an interactive natural art installation for the Secret Garden Party festival in Huntington, Cambridgeshire. Where normal festivals fit neatly within a template — campsite, stages, rides/amusements — Secret Garden Party sweeps the proverbial from under your feet and sends you spinning and grinning down the rabbit hole.

Our idea centres around the notion of the scientific ideas of entropy and chaos theory, loosely dictating that over the course of time the universe is slowly changing from a state of order to disorder. Everything is becoming more disorderly.

Likewise with social systems, there is an interesting parallel between entropic processes and the progression of a festival from a state of orderliness to disorder. Our installation for Secret Garden Party aimed to use sunflowers as a medium for capturing this process.

As a hugely interactive piece, the sunflowers changed over time throughout the course of a manic 5 days from a state of orderliness to disorder.  As people stole, stamped, broke and trampled on the sunflowers, so the spaces they had created left an ephemeral imprint on the place, like footprints in the snow.

Photography courtesy of Gobinder Jhitta, Scott Salt and Jenna Foxton.

Project Team: Christopher Taylor, Tim Hare, Harry Molyneux

Type:Arts Client:Secret Productions Ltd Location:Huntington, Cambridgeshire Size:1.2 hectares Budget:Confidential Status:Built