Three Tree House

A clever reconfiguration of a terraced house provides the spaces needed for modern family living, whilst preserving its rich character.

Situated in the seaside town of Deal, this existing mid terraced property has been wholeheartedly overhauled to provide a more suitable home for the needs of contemporary living.

The former ground floor layout was biased around a centrally enclosed staircase that divided the front of the house from the rear, resulting in undefined small spaces, mainly oriented towards the street and a neighbouring infill extension. The re-structured and enlarged floor plan inverts this situation by refocusing the attention towards the garden.

The deep plan was maximised by moving the kitchen to the front of the property, but elevating it so as to create a renewed sense of privacy from the street. Within the middle of the plan, a new enclosed glazed courtyard floods the building with natural light, whilst providing a connection to the outside as one moves through the property in traditionally what would be the darker central area of the plan. Finally to the rear, an active ‘garden room’ provides a space for calm and a renewed sense of connectivity with the landscape.

This new ‘garden room’ houses a living space, with a deep upholstered bench seat that projects out within an oak framed window. The space is tectonically defined by the new timber lined structural elements, which bear the load of the floor above. These structural elements blend with the custom interior furniture to define a simple yet ordered space.

Our proposal seeks to be respectful to the existing terraced house and its wider urban setting by removing the existing haphazard collection of extensions to the rear, to provide a more composed elevation, which, in turn, provides better proportioned spaces filled with natural light. Central to the scheme’s architectural focus are the relationships between house and garden, light and a simple yet constrained material palette.

The scheme gained planning approval in July 2019. THA have been providing a full RIBA service throughout the course of the project. Works are now nearing completion, with practical completion expected in July 2021.

Project Team: Christopher Taylor, Karl Bowers, Geoff Pomeroy, Jordan Gibbs

Type:Private Houses Client:Confidential Location:Deal Size:105 sqm Budget:Confidential Status:RIBA Stage 5 Construction