Calleywell Lane

33 homes distinguished by three distinct character areas that collectively form a unique development on the fringes of the pretty village of Aldington.

Our design for a new development of individual homes is derived out of a thorough understanding of its place, one where buildings carefully knit themselves into their surroundings with the feeling of having been there for some time.

The proposals for a series of new dwellings appropriate themselves to the scale and context of the village of Aldington and build on the principles and language of a cluster of housing typologies, each with its own identity, each focused on creating a distinct connection to the surrounding landscape via a diverse collection of outside spaces.

The site conditions have informed each building type, from a cluster of steeply pitched brick terraced houses to a low lying courtyard dwelling centred around a walled garden. These unique arrangements provide privacy to future residents whilst also taking advantage of openings that encourage natural light. Each cluster aims to provide carefully considered, well designed and adaptable homes, all constructed from long lasting, quality materials.

The layout is driven by an attitude towards allowing the landscape to inform each building footprint and how these then define the moments between buildings. The orientation of the proposed buildings have been sensitively considered with respect to the existing neighbouring properties, consciously minimising overlooking, to provide a series of spaces, which socially interact with each other while creating areas for dwelling privacy. The existing hedgerows to the south east and south west site boundaries are to be retained and enhanced as part of the development to reduce the impact on the existing properties on Roman Road and Calleywell Lane. Additionally, retained hedgerows provide a natural habitat for local wildlife, enhancing the biodiversity across the site, existing woodland and wider surrounding countryside.

Project Team: Christopher Taylor, Tim Hare, Karl Bowers, Geoff Pomeroy, Pierson Hopgood

Type:Housing Client:TG Designer Homes Location:Aldington, Kent Size:4.4 hectares Budget:Confidential Status:RIBA Stage 3 Planning